Yes, you can download and install the Independence Drive app onto the i-Series.  See the user documentation for the installation links.

We have tested and support the Tobii i-Series 12/12+/15/15+.  We have not yet tested the 2019 i-Series 13/16 models which include the new IS5 eye tracker from Tobii, but we have heard reports from the field that these are also compatible.


Before installing the app, go through a few pre-checks:

  • Is the computer running Windows 10?  Some i-Series devices come with Windows 8.1 and haven't been ungraded.  While Independence Drive can work on Windows 8.1, some prerequisites need to be installed first.  Contact customer support for details.
  • Check if Windows Updates are turned on.  On some devices, Windows Updates have been turned off and this can cause system instability.

Known Issues

  • Watch out for Tobii Windows Control bar overlaying the app, as it can interfere with driving.  For safety, if the Windows Control bar is not minimized, driving is disabled.
  • The camera on the Tobii i-Series can be flaky.  If the camera view goes black, exiting and restarting the app will generally reset the camera and get it working again.