OK, so you've heard of Independence Drive or seen it at one of the recent conferences or trade shows.  You have someone in mind who you think this could help, someone who can't use the joystick control of their power chair.  Where do you go from here?

At Evergreen Circuits, we want to make this easy for you, so here are some questions you should ask and some steps you can take:

Does the person already have a wheelchair and AAC eye gaze computer?

This is the easiest situation.  If the person has a Permobil wheelchair or a Quantum wheelchair with QLogic-3, along with an AAC like a Tobii i-Series or a Microsoft Surface with a Tobii PC Eye Mini, an alternative drive interface, and a mounting system for the AAC then you're almost all the way there.

All you need in this case is our Independence Drive Interface Kit (IDI).  Fill out our order form and we'll mail out a small box with all the necessary parts.  Once you receive the parts, it's easy to install.  After installation, evaluate the product with the person.  If it's the right solution, we'll send you an invoice.  If it's the wrong solution, use the return label in the package to send it back within 30 days.

If you have any questions, just write us at atp@evergreencircuits.com and we'll help you through.

Is the person missing some of the above, like an AAC or an alternative drive interface?

We have a solution to handle all the edge cases and missing parts: the Independence Drive Demo Kit (IDK).  This is a complete set of equipment that will work as long as you have a Permobil or Quantum QLogic-3 chair.  It includes the computer, the eye gaze sensor, the mounting system, and the alternative drive interface.

These are in limited supply and are only made available to DMEs who sign a distribution agreement for Independence Drive.  If you work for a DME who has already joined our partnership program, contact us via our eval form and we'll put you in the queue for receiving a demo kit.  We manage the logistics of sending demo kits for our larger partners and each kit comes with a carrying case and a return shipping label, so your work as an ATP is minimized.

If you'd like to join our partnership program, write us at partners@evergreencircuits.com for more information.