Our Independence Drive Interface (IDI) Kit adds eye driving to a person's powered wheelchair and eye gaze communication (AAC) device.  It connects the AAC computer to the alternative drive interface port on the wheelchair.

Parts in the IDI Kit: 9-pin cable, Independence Drive Interface (IDI), USB cable

To install the IDI kit:

  1. Configure the wheelchair's Input port to be 'Standard Switch' or '4-Button Switch'.  Do not use proportional input.
  2. Connect the 9-pin cable to the IDI and the wheelchair's Input port.
  3. Connect the USB cable to the IDI and the AAC computer.
  4. Mount the IDI to the wheelchair using zip ties, velcro, or double-sided tape.
  5. Connect a buddy-button to the input jack next to the input port, attach the buddy button as an 'emergency stop' switch.  If the wheelchair owner is unable to press the 'emergency stop' switch, then affixing the button near the back of a headrest where a caregiver can easily access it is recommended.
  6. Install the Independence Drive application on the computer.
Kit, connected to computer and wheelchair interface

To test the IDI kit:

  1. Move the wheelchair to a safe location with plenty of clear space.  Test the wheelchair with the ATP in the seat, not the owner of the wheelchair.  Hold the 'emergency stop' button in hand while initially testing and configuring the speed and turn parameters of the chair.
  2. Calibrate eye gaze on the AAC.  See the User Documentation.
  3. Launch the Independence Drive application on the computer.
  4. First first LED on the IDI will turn green when the computer connection is good and the app is running.
  5. Look at the forward button, the wheelchair should move forward if properly configured.  The second LED on the IDI will turn green within a second of receiving a movement command from the app.
  6. Go through the Safety Evaluation with the user.