An Independence Drive update has been released to test.  You can install it here:

Link to setup for 1.0.47  Test


  • Bugfix 18: Extraneous settings buttons confuse users
    There were a number of buttons on the setting screen that were disabled, awaiting future work.  These confused people who would see them and try and click them.
  • Bugfix 19: Camera previews unreliable in settings window
    Much work on improving camera stop/start to fix issues with cameras failing to restart when switching between Drive and Settings.
  • Bugfix 22: Runaway driving sometimes occurs when starting from Tobii Windows Control
    There was a 250 millisecond window when the app is launched using the Tobii Windows Control where a drive command could be received and the wheelchair would be started, but the presence of the Tobii GazeBar would turn off the ability to control the chair's movement.
  • Bugfix 23: Window Not Activated after hiding Tobii GazeBar
    Occasionally when the user would launch Independence Drive and then hide the Tobii GazeBar, the Drive window would be put in the background where the eye gaze input would be disabled.  However the foreground window didn't cover the Drive window, so it looked like it should work.  The workaround was 'have a caregiver touch the window to bring it to the foreground, which was a pretty horrible situation for something named "Independence".  Fixed by detecting this condition and automatically moving the Drive window to the foreground.

Other Improvements

  • Added a highlight to the selected camera on the Settings screen
  • Added a Splash Screen for when the app is launched on slow computers (e.g. Tobii i-Series 12/12+) and the Drive window takes a while to appear.