Independence Drive allows users to drive their wheelchairs using eye gaze technology. What this means is that people can drive their chair independently from a caregiver, around their home, inside safe locations. The ability to go from the kitchen to the living room to check on the kids because they’ve just let out a loud welp. The ability to be done with a conversation and drive away from the person that just Won’t. Stop. Talking. The ability to have some control over a world that feels very limited.

We get asked a lot of questions about the software, one of the top questions we get asked is: Can the software just be downloaded to something so that people can use it? Yes and No, there is a software program that is part of it, but Independence Drive is a device or box that hooks on to your chair, that allows users to drive their chair using their eye gaze technology.

Independence Drive

But it’s not that simple. Independence Drive needs to communicate with the chair, and often requires an OMNI to do so. An OMNI is an alternative drive interface.  We currently have tested Independence Drive on Quantum and Permobil chairs. Independence Drive then is connected on the other side with a tablet and eye gaze technology, which is mounted to the chair. Once everything is connected and installed, you’ll see a green light on Independence Drive, on the actual box. When the box is receiving a command there are two green lights and the chair moves. The software has 6 selections for direction and one for stop.

View from software program. You can see the desk and wall directly in front of the chair. 

One of the benefits of this software is that it allows the user to see what is in front of their chair while driving using the camera from the tablet. This makes it very easy to drive. Once you focus on one selection, the chair will drive smoothly until the focus or gaze is broken. It’s a simple device that solves a big problem. The ability to move yourself independently is a blessing to those who have had this taken away from them.

We here at Evergreen Circuits will continue to bring this technology to those that need it with the help of our Distributors and Partners. We work with wonderful ATP’s who perform evaluations and installation of Independence Drive.

We love to share videos of people using Independence Drive on our Facebook page. If you are interested in more information, fill out our form found at “Contact Me” on our website.