Independence Drive is a Windows app that works on any Windows 10 based computer.

This includes the Tobii i-Series 12/12+/15/15+ devices.  While we haven't tested on new 2019 Tobii i-Series 13/16, we have reports from users that this is compatible as well.

We work with Windows tablets like the Microsoft Surface Pro or Surface Go that have a Tobii PC Eye Mini, PC Eye Plus, or 4C eye tracker.

Beta support for other AAC devices that use the Eyetech DS TM5 Mini is available on request.  We are working on support for Irisbond Duo as well.

We have tested compatibility / integration with eye control software SmartBox Grid 3, Tobii Communicator 5, Tobii Windows Control 2, Tobii Classic Gaze Interaction Software (e.g. Windows Control 1).